Over the ear headphones are designed to offer an immersive hearing experience that makes them one of the best choices for every one- form casual music lover to a gamer to a professional music producer. The circumaural design covers the entire ears, thus blocking out external noise effectively, and allowing you to experience the best in clarity, volume and bass.

Owing to their popularity and wide range of uses, these headphones are placed under a wide price range. However, just because a pair of headphone is costlier does not necessarily dictate its superior quality. In fact, for most casual users, choosing from among the best over ear headphones under 100 is more than sufficient to meet their needs.

Functionality over form

Think about it, would you like to own a good looking headphone with a bad performance, or would you choose a high performance headphone that falls short in looks? Headphones ought to have a well-balanced, clear audio output to heighten your auditory experience. However, the ear pieces have to be padded and should sport a soft texture in order to sit comfortably over your ears. Although there is no correlation between the functionality and the visual appeal of the headphones, manufacturers usually cut corners in either of these aspects in order to make up for the costs.

Over the ear headphones are generally clunky devices. Some headphones can be folded into a compact, easy to carry stature, while some headphones have a single, bulky structure, which occupies a considerable amount of space.

Based on use

Your needs will vary depending on your uses. Are you a music producer looking for good back up headphones? Are you a music lover looking for good compact headphones to carry around on your commute? When choosing the best over ear headphones under $100, one ought to look into the various aspects of both functionality and build quality/ style in order to arrive at a well-balanced opinion.

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