There is no doubt about it, it is a fantastic time to be alive. We are in the middle of a great technological age and the way in which we work is changing every day. With the advent of technologies such as the Internet we can now do business with each other from all over the world and this has not only opened products and services to the consumer but it has also lowered the barriers to entry from people in under developed countries to all types of different professions.

This digital disruption has changed everything from shopping to dating and it is effectively rewriting the way in which we live our lives.

The only problem with technology is that it is also taking away some of the best things about being alive – these days people are often on their mobile phones more than they are interacting in the real world, we don’t go out as much as we used to and today the term socialising more often means chatting to each other online than it does going out for dinner with friends.

Enter virtual reality

Luckily that is about to change with some cool new virtual reality technologies that are coming into both retail and business markets.

One such company that really personifies the virtual reality movement is They are currently in the development stage but their platform is already impressive and it really serves to showcase how virtual reality can make doing business online as fun as it was when it was done face to face.

The main concept behind is to provide a virtual world where people can do business together. Think of it like a virtual representation of the physical world that allows us to do business online but with the aesthetics, and advantages, of doing it in person.

Take a typical shopping experience as an example – in the old days you would go down to your local electronics store and browse for the product you were looking for, you could touch it, feel it and try it out before committing to buy. Now days this process is most often replaced by a quick search online followed by a digital purchase meaning that you never get to touch, feel or test the product before you buy it. allows you to combine the two – as a shop owner you can create your own virtual shop in this world – it could be a complete replica of your physical shop or it could be something designed entirely from scratch. Visitors within District can enter your virtual shop, browse your products and then buy from you as they normally would. The advantage is that in the virtual world that is Districts, your customers can have the same experience as if physical browsing your store but in a virtual environment.

As well as buying online the possible use cases for this virtual world are endless – browsing real estate, online classrooms, gaming, psychotherapy and even stand-up comedy to name a few.

This is just the beginning of a completely new era in online business and the future of virtual reality are really beyond imagination.

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