More and more businesses are implementing Infor products to improve productivity and drive innovation.

What is Infor?

Infor is a cloud distribution solution, also called a CSD, that enhances business operations and speeds up processes. Infor is built specifically for distribution and wholesale businesses, making it very flexible and applicable to companies in this field.

Inventory management, pricing and rebates, management, procurement, value-adding, finances, and order processing are all included and improved by CSD. Built-in flexibility and security support businesses in adapting to the ever-changing economy. Therefore, Infor helps companies save time, money, and energy.

How can Infor help a business?

Some of the main benefits of implementing Infor include:

Retaining more customers and reaching new ones with the streamlined ordering process

Improving the management of inventory and preforming better through deeper visibility into a company’s operations

Meet the growing demands of customers with more comprehensive distributor solutions

Allow advanced order control, management of inventory, and more

Infor allows management to get real-time insights into any sector of the business, along with on-premise data storage thanks to the cloud. This makes data management that much easier, and saves on costs with built-in security features to prevent data loss.

Templates and tools come pre-configured yet highly customizable to help businesses smoothly migrate to Infor products. Upgrades take less time and less upfront investment, and training materials are included to help staff move quickly into the new interface.

Enhance Your Business

The 21st-century has so far seen many changes in the spaces of retail and distribution, and there are certainly many more on the way. Cloud technology is speeding up processes, making storage more affordable and flexible, and allowing multiple softwares to be streamlined into a single user interface.

All of this means your business can be running more efficiently across systems, and it can allow employees to work that much better.

The deeper financial insights provided by Infor products let management determine the progress towards business goals and set more realistic deadlines. Real-time reports are constantly updating with new user data taken directly from the sales team and financial department. All of these systems make a business do more for less time and money.

Simplify Your Systems

Packaging breaks, discounts, pricing, requirements, and other complex settings can be simplified with Infor’s templates and tools. You can also easily and seamlessly update your systems whenever your business needs to.

Infor also helps your business quickly expand to new locations thanks to the ability for you to grant partners access, and let new suppliers and others get involved in your business’ interface with a few clicks.


With a mix of security, enhanced systems, and tools and templates to improve efficiency, Infor products are an excellent option if your business needs to be moved to the cloud. You’ll save money because your employees will save time. And on top of that, customers will have a better experience, and communication between your teams will improve ten-fold.

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