There has been a long-standing craze now that centres around taking pictures of yourself in interested situations, poses or hanging out with your friends. This trend of taking selfies has spread all over the world and is popular among all different types of people including celebrities, sports personalities and TV presenters.

There are lots of gadgets that have been invested to meet the demands of this craze – the selfie stick being one of the most well-known ones.

As with any popular trend people are always looking for ways in which to take things to the next level and to produce something even better than what everybody else is doing. This is even more important now that we have social media because if you can come up with a smart twist to an existing trend then it is possible to go viral on platforms such as Twitter – and this can be used to promote your own products and ideas or just to make yourself popular.

So, what is the next big thing for taking photos of yourself?

The next big craze that is just starting to take off is taking photos of yourself using a drone. You can do this with all different types of drones and most of them are well suited to the job. Lots of drones even come with a feature that allows them to automatically follow you around, making it quite easy to take a photo of yourself. And the smaller drones are ideally suited because you can easy carry one around with you and then get it up and running when you want to take that special picture.

what is the best selfie drone?

In case you are wondering what is the best selfie drone on the market right now, we went ahead and done some research into this; being drone enthusiasts this was a pretty easy (And fun) job to take on.

We looked at the top selfie drones in the market and we compared all their features. All the time we kept in our minds that the main goal was to take selfies and so we were looking for the features most suited to that task.

After performing a lot of in depth research we concluded that the best drone on the market today, for taking selfies, is the Zerotech Dobby – This drone is exceptionally well suited to taking photos of yourself thanks to a few key features –

  • Pocket size at only 135mm x 67mm x 36.8 mm with propellers fully expanded
  • High quality 1080P video
  • One click image sharing
  • Light weight at under 7 ounces

The drone is easy to transport because you can fold up the propellers and then carry it around in your pocket. It can take 360 photos and video and although it is at the top end in terms of pricing when compared to other selfie drones it does take a superior quality picture thanks to its 4k image acquisition and 13 million pixel capabilities.

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