How Car Dealers Give Live Online Customer Advice

What do you do when you’re at the store and you have a question about a particular product? Some people take out their smartphone and start Googling answers, others head straight to the nearest sales representative, while still others hum and haw, too shy to be the first to approach. As a car dealer, you encounter the same scenarios, including customers on the lot using their phones for answers and people who want you to leave them alone until they have a question.

The same situations happen online when potential customers use your website. They want answers, but sometimes they can’t find what they’re looking for on reviews sites and consumer reports, or their questions have to do with their unique situation (such as their credit score). With an automotive live chat, you can be there to answer all of their questions, book appointments, and offer your help.

Automotive live chat helps operators and your own sales teams deal with every kind of question, from the MSRP and available colours and options to things like how well it drives in the snow or whether or not it’s a good car for families. Here’s how a typical conversation might play out using Gubagoo ChatSmart, a leading automotive live chat:

  • Opening: the automotive live chat operator opens the conversation with a repeat web visitor, someone who has come back to your dealer site multiple times over the past couple of days and is likely in the market for a vehicle. Chats may also begin if the customer asks first, but active chat has a higher success rate in engaging prospects because it doesn’t wait around.
  • Details: the prospect engages and paints an introductory picture of what they want, i.e., “Hi, I’m looking for a truck between $12-15,000, but I don’t know if I qualify for credit.” The operator asks for an approximate credit score and lists a few trucks (with pictures and stats like mileage) at your dealership in the customer’s price range.
  • Intervention: Thanks to ResQ, the app developed by automotive live chat company Gubagoo that gives dealers mobile access to what’s going on in their automotive live chats, a dealer salesperson can now enter the conversation. They confirm the credit score qualifies and book a test drive, or get a phone number or email to follow up with more answers and vehicle options.

Your website is valuable real estate; no business in 2017 can thrive without a robust web presence. Using automotive live chat software on your website helps you control the narrative of your brand online and answer consumer questions in real time. People want all of the perks of visiting the dealership (live help, instant answers)from the comfort of their home or office. They like the low-stress aspect of online shopping and research, but they don’t want to wait for an answer after sending you an email or filling out your credit application, so they turn to automotive live chat whenever they can. You already know how to do sales right and automotive live chat lets you bring that expertise to digital space. Get ready for the future of talking to your customers.

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