Social media is a dynamic resource for businesses considering it ideal for directly reaching out to existing and potential clients. Customer feedback is another benefit businesses reap from using social media for branding as it is a grand opportunity to improve target audience communication.

On the flip side, social media can also hurt your business if you don’t use it at all or don’t know how to use them to your advantage.  If you’re feeling stuck with your current avenues of social media marketing, the following strategies will help you improve your presence and get the payoff you desire.

Understand Your Network

Before you can figure out which social media platform is best suited to you, it is wise to know your audience. For example, you won’t see many law firms on Pinterest because that is a female-centric social platform that is primarily for promoting products over services.

Researching the social platforms and looking at the most successful business pages and profiles is a smart move. It will provide you with insight on which social media networks will work best for you. You can also apply their successful strategies for your own business and grow your brand.

Be Choosy

As you are developing your business brand across social media channels, you’ll learn how competitive these venues are and how much content you will be competing with. For instance, users on Instagram spend under 10 seconds on a profile before scrolling down the feed.

This competition will make you realize how vital it is to make every post count. It must be in line with your brand and visually appealing to your target audience. Creating and sharing appealing and consistent content are ways that you get users to follow you on social media networks.

Consistency is Crucial

While relevant, unique, quality, and interesting content is important, consistency is imperative. Consistency requires that you post at the proper times on each social network so your followers don’t forget you exist.

Branding is wildly dependent upon repetition, which is the key to getting and maintaining recognition. The best way to achieve an efficient level of consistency is to create a content calendar. Include how many posts you share, what you’re going to post, and when you share them. Your content calendar provides you with goals for social media posting, just like you plan your sales goals.

Engage and Engage

Once you have your consistent content calendar goals ready and you start posting, it’s time to engage with your followers/audience. This can be time-consuming as it includes liking, following, commenting, contacting, and interacting with those who comment, follow, and like your posts.

If your time is limited, you can outsource most of these tasks, or use an automated scheduling program to perform the menial tasks. Just be smart about how you use that technology (Continue Reading: Engaging with your followers tells them you are real and human and that you care about them and their needs.

You can truly build great relationships with social media by following these easy tips. Be aware and watchful of your competition and get your brand noticed across social media platforms that are useful to your business.

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