Mobile App Development Models that Can Increase Your Business

Developing a mobile app is a great way to promote your brand and share your vision and may promise a huge amount of profit and revenue if your app is launched with a faultless development plan. Undeniably, the success stories of mobile app companies, such as WhatsApp and Instagram to name just a few, are urging most to aim high and follow in their footsteps.

All you need is a clear and brief overview of all the available methods provided to you by a mobile app development company that will guarantee you an award-winning, billion-dollar mobile app. We provide you with just that here. Keep in mind that the most important thing to ask yourself is how quickly you want to start getting revenue. While we are almost certain that you would want to earn as soon as possible, it is sometimes useful to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

So, let’s take a look at a few effective models to share with your Android or iPhone Application development company to help you launch your app and maximize your profits.


This is possibly the most common plan used to set up a mobile app and, although it will not initially have you earning a vast amount, it will benefit you over time. This model is more likely to gather you a swift user base, as anything that is free is always much more appealing.

Free Basic App with In-App Purchases

As a mobile app development company, our years of experience has shown us that this model is especially useful if you are planning to launch a game app. Think of Angry Birds and Candy Crush; both are addictive games that have us spending money to unlock the premium features. However, it requires extra creativity to make your app engaging and fun to use as well as to keep your users hooked and eager to purchase the extra features. Most importantly, provide a clear preview of what will unfold, once your users spend the extra cash.

This model also works well if you want to become an e-retailer and are looking to sell your products through a mobile app. It also ensures more profits than you would have earned if you had owned a physical store, as the virtual quality of mobile apps immediately makes you exempt from overhead fees. So, no cumbersome journeys to discover the most popular spot on the busy street and paying ridiculous amounts of money to rent your shop.

Free App with Advertisements

This is the ideal model for social interaction apps. So, while your app will be downloaded for free, you will be able to gather information about your users, which will then be passed on to app publishers who will place the appropriate, most-likely-to-be-viewed ads on your app. Think of Facebook who gains access to the personal data of their users to bombard them with apps that match their areas of interest. The good news is that the publishers will pay you to do this.

Paid app

We have observed that paid apps may take longer to sell as people will be more reluctant to download something for which they have to pay; however, with enough promotion, your app will be earning you money quicker than the freemium model.

The most essential step to take if you are going to list your app as a paid one is to sufficiently promote your app, highlighting why it is better than all the other free ones. So, make sure you include screenshots of what your app looks like, put in some extra features, and list the benefits of using your app rather than others that do the same job. Also, make it look fun and easy to use.

TrackMyFast 5:2 Diet and Fitness Pal are good examples for this model. While the latter is free, the former costs $2.39. How does the paid app differ from the free one?

Well, TrackMyfast 5:2 Diet has an extra feature to warn you if you’ve eaten more calories than necessary for a specific meal. It also provides you with recipes and points out “a meal of the day” recipe. These extra features are captured in the screenshots to allow potential users to see what they are buying and how they will benefit more by paying for the TrackMyfast 5:2 Diet app.

Free Initial Use, Subscription for Further Access

This method provides the users with only a certain amount of content for free; thereafter, it requires a subscription to access the extra features. It is the best option for apps that provide a service and will have you earning frequently.

Again, it is all about creating an engaging app that is easy and fun to use to hook your users and make them want to access more.

Working with Advertising Companies

This is the newest addition to the models that will enable you to create the best mobile app and it requires a sponsor who is directly involved with your app by motivating your users to use your app through the rewards they provide when certain tasks in your app are completed. You earn money by taking a portion of the revenue gained as your sponsor distributes the rewards. Through this cyclical process, your sponsors install their ads into your app that will then motivate your users to use your app and have you earning.

Regardless of which model you choose to use, remember that there is no definite right or wrong way. In fact, you can mix and match the above models to attain the best results for you.

So, which model are you planning to go for? Have you thought about trying our mobile app development company to take you on the right path? Leave your questions and comments below.

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