SEO receives constant updates and changes from Google. There tends to be no end to the SEO truths for online stores. SEO strategies which work for bigger brands differ from those of the smaller brands. This is the reason many marketers are confused as to how to use the SEO for building their business. Tons of misinformation is found over the internet. Here are some SEO myths that you need to avoid to get best SEO ranking.

Myth: The More Links, the Better it is

Most of the time businesses focus on quantity of the links for SEO instead of its quality. Even though links play a significant role in helping you get a ranking in the search engine, there is simply not about numbers. Having relevant links to diverse link is the key. You should invest less time in developing multiple links and spend more amount of time in developing a relevant website, social media content, and blog which can be shared over the online platforms.

Myth: Exact Match is Most Profitable

An exact match in Google AdWords match enables your advertisement to be seen when the search query of the users matches the keywords that are being used for the ad. An exact match will inform the search engine rather than the reader. If you have to obtain the desired result for securing the searcher’s click, you need to include natural-sounding words which explain what the content is about. Exact match is rigid and sometimes it causes the content to be awkwardly framed around the keyword. This, in turn, can lead to keyword stuffing. Keep in mind that this is against the best practices of Google.

Myth: The More Pages, the Better it is

Having hundreds of pages for the website does not guarantee more traffic. This is same as building links. It is not just about quantity but also about quality. Good quality content will help you to rank better in the search engine. You need to be realistic with the ability to keep with the requirement of fresh content regularly. If you are not being able to manage the content of multiple pages then you should consider cutting them down. Less can prove to be more beneficial if the content is relevant. Google’s algorithm is good at detecting irrelevant content. Thus, make sure that you provide helpful and useful content.

Myth: Local SEO Is Not Beneficial

If you do not optimize the online strategy for local SEO, you might miss out hundreds of links and opportunities. Local SEO will help you to get found by the right customers who are near you. These customers are likely to visit your business. In case, you have a local business, should make it a point to create optimized and use Geo targeting. You can use geo-location for reaching out to your target audience.

Make sure that you debunk the myths and stick to the facts.  In case, you are having a problem in handling the SEO, you can hire a local SEO consultant to get the best SEO ranking.

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