If you are not in to technology, then all this talk about cloud computing can become quite boring. It can also be quite hard to understand, if you are not actually part of the whole cloud computing craze.

Some people bat around these buzz words without a second thought whilst others really struggle to understand what they mean and what, if any, relevance they have to the average individual.

Well, cloud computing does have relevance and that is truer than ever. In fact, cloud computing, and everything it stands for, is starting to spill over into the physical world and this is going to have real tangible benefits to you and me.

What is Cloud Computing?

Without going into too much detail, cloud computing basically means all the computing “work” is done somewhere else. For example, if you want to move your email to the cloud, great, now all your email is stored on a computer, or a server, in a data centre. This means your email no longer clogs up your computer. It also means you can take advantage of expensive hardware, high-end security systems and super-fast processing speeds. With cloud computing you have these advantages at a mere fraction of the cost.

How Does This Spill Over to the Physical World?

This is where it gets cool. Amazon are using the same principals of cloud computing to offer physical advantages to start-ups. It’s called Amazon FBA and it is essentially a cloud-business or as we like to call it – business as a service.

It works in the same way that cloud computing works – Amazon takes the load off of you as the start-up, they handle almost all of the work in terms of stocking your products, sending them out to customers, processing returns and, importantly, advertising and lead generation.

The result is that you can launch a business with very little work, knowledge or capital. All you need to do is find a sellable product. You can then ship your product(s) in bulk to Amazon where they will be stored in a warehouse. Amazon will then advertise your products, on your behalf, to their huge customer base. They even handle the logistics of delivering products to customers once you start making sales.

In return Amazon take a small percentage from your sales but for this percentage you are having all the work, all the hardship and all the barriers to entry that normally come with business, taken off your hands.

In this respect it is very similar to cloud computing, and it is perhaps why Amazon have managed to make this into such a successful service.

How to Make Money with Amazon FBA Business

This is such a great service its almost impossible not to make money. All you need to do is do some market research, find out what popular products are out there, and you are ready to go. No need to go out looking for business loans, no need to employ staff or find a warehouse for stocking products. Amazon take care of everything for you so that you can focus on making money.

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