The new reality in the world of consumer finances is that banks and 3D checks and cards might be on their way to the big sleep – in other words, they are becoming obsolete. Companies like PayToo Corporation, whose CEO and founder was in on the development of the process are on their way to gaining a huge percent of the consumer financial market. Why? Because PayToo makes it so easy to manage your money without ever setting foot inside a big box banking institution.

PayToo is fundamentally an alternative to the traditional banking system. PayToo serves as an electronic (banking) account and users can have direct deposit, send money, pay bills and even receive a debit card (prepaid), which allows you to withdraw cash at ATMs. It’s a great system, which appeals to a larger and larger segment of our society who either cannot afford to pay around $150 a year for a conventional checking account at a bank or they are just tired of seeing their money being poured into these large and impersonal companies that charge you every time you use your ATM or talk to a real live person.

And what about over draft payments, minimum balance requirements and maintenance fees? These are the things that have driven Michel Poignant into helping millions of people get back on their feet financially. His company, PayToo, enables people to save money instead of letting them throw it out the virtual window to the banks on payments that nickel and dime people to financial death.

PayToo electronic wallet allows you to pay securely right from your mobile phone or by accessing your PayToo account from a computer. You can save time and money by shopping online at participating merchants or use your PayToo prepaid card at stores around the country and internationally. PayToo has made it easy for people to keep everything in one “wallet” so to speak, and your money is available 24/7, 365 days a year. Michel Poignant’s exceptional and quite admirable leadership has brought PAYTOO to the top of its field in mobile wallets. PayToo is the perfect solution for people who don’t have a bank account or don’t have access to one.

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