Unfortunately one of the risks of online dating is online dating fraud. In order to avoid online dating fraud you could make use of a web cam. A cam can help actually help prevent online dating fraud

Here are the top 11 ways cams technology could prevent online dating fraud

  1. You can see the real person you are talking to

A cam can help you see the real person who you are talking to. There is no way to hide or lie with the use of cam. If the person appears suspicious in any way you can stop talking to them.

  1. You can look into their eyes

Many online fraud scams involve asking for money and telling insincere sob stories in order to make you feel sorry for the person and hand over money. It is very difficult for someone to lie to you when you are looking directly into their eyes and you can see their body language via a cam.

  1. You can catch a catfish

According to Social Catfish, one of the biggest signs of a catfish is if seems too into you too soon. If the person seems to get attached very quickly this could be a sign of potential catfish. However with the use of a web cam you will be able to spot a catfish immediately.

  1. Fake profiles won’t work

Creating fake profiles is one of the most common things that online criminals do. In fact, According to an article on PairedLife.com, it states that fake profiles are one of the biggest signs of an online con artist. A web cam can help you out big time, as the person can’t hide behind a fake profile

  1. Red flags will match up with the person

According to an article from CBS News, one of the biggest red flags for online dating is when the person you are talking to tries to go off the site too quickly. If the person wants to talk on email or text and get away from the site this is usually a strong indicating factor. Once you notice this red flag a web cam can help you prove that they are up to no good.

  1. You can detect their broken English

One of the biggest signs of someone who wants to commit fraud is that English is not their first language. This may be easier to get away with via messaging however when the person is directly in front of you on a web cam you will be able to pick up immediately that English isn’t their first language.

  1. Is he in the military is she a model?


Men usually lie about things like being in the military. Women on the other hand when they want to scam someone they usually claim to be a model. Once you have someone in front of you on a cam you will be able to tell immediately if they are lying. It will be obvious immediately if the person doesn’t look like a model or doesn’t look like they are in the military.

  1. You can pick up secret information

When you speak to someone on a cam you will be able to pick up all sorts of secret information. For example pictures in the background, things in the room, and clothes on the floor or anything else can be subtle clues into which the person really is. If you are smart you will be able to use a cam to your advantage to gain more information on the person you are talking to.

  1. They can’t avoid any more questions

One of the biggest warning signs of suspicious behavior is somebody who avoids answering your questions. This usually means that they have something to hide. The good news is that when they are on a cam they are unable to avoid your questions.

  1. You can tell how they serious are

A web cam will be able to tell you how serious they really are about you. For example a guy may still be on other cams sites or even still on AFF. If the person is sincere about you they will not only take themselves off other dating but you will also be able to see immediately on a cam if they are really serious about you or not.

  1. Cam create a sense of safety

A cam will help you to stay safe immediately. If a person claims to really care about you but they avoid using a cam and keep coming up with excuses that their cam is broken, then you know something is suspect. In terms of your personal safety a cam can really help distinguish a genuine person from a suspicious one.

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