Have you ever waited impatiently for your browser to load a long page? It may be caused by weighty images, too much information, too many advertisements or videos being loaded or reloaded. Internet users, naturally, want the quickness of the navigation, to access to the information as simple and efficient as possible.

Nowadays, many browsers including Google Chrome have on its panel, millions of extensions to make easier your navigation and for you to improve your experience on the internet. These are two interesting extensions which will allow you to navigate logically to access to information.

Lower your readings with Reader PRO

Read your online articles in calmness with Reader PRO! This Chrome extension has the ability to facilitate the presentation of your articles. It changes the organization of your page by removing the images, the videos and the advertisements. Moreover, your page will be shown with a light organization of its content. Here are three means for you to read pages soberly.

Summarize your articles with a single click with Resoomer

Resoomer is considered as a productiveofficetool, which summarize with relevance your text, by a single click. By its browser add-on, it summarizes your online articles and shows again the information as a contract of all significant ideas and passages. This text summarizer lightens your articles presentation and your text will be contracted, as the essentials are sure to be found there.

Relieve your eye from your readings

You have guessed it. With those tools, with productivity, you save time, gain in reading, in loading of your page. Notice that when you use these extensions, your eyes are used to a font. Then, your brain can instinctively read those texts.

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