An app developer may find it to be a struggle to advertise their app to get it out there to the public and get those downloads. The key to raising awareness for your app comes from app store optimization. There are millions of apps available right now and you need to get your app noticed. While there are many methods that you need to utilize to get your app the attention you are looking for, one of the most important methods that you need to learn about is app store optimization. Here is a closer look at this method and how you can do it.

To put it simply, app store optimization is the process where you optimize your apps to appear higher on the app store search results. Much like SEO for your website, the higher your app ranks on the list the more attention it will receive. People will then go to your page to learn more about your app and will be more likely to download it. In order to effectively do this, you need to have a lot of knowledge about your customer base such as what keywords they are using to find apps that are more similar to yours. This can help you to make better keyword choices that will more effectively get the attention of your target market.

This is such an important piece to the puzzle because around 63% of apps are actually discovered through searches in the app store. That being said, this is where you want to focus your attention because more people are going to discover your app this way. There are so many different apps on the market, but you would be surprised to find out how many app developers do not use app store optimization to market their app. This is a big mistake on their part but something that you can take advantage of by using this method.

There are a few different components to this method. One is what you title the app. It is a good idea to put your major keyword in your title. This means that you need to have knowledge of the right keywords to use in order to attract attention. You can keep an eye on what your competition is using for keywords to see what can be the best keywords for you to use. These are the two most important components to app store optimization. There are other factors that affect this, such as the amount of downloads your app has and your ratings/reviews. These have a lot to do with your rankings however there is not much that you can do to control these numbers. You just need to make sure that you have the best product possible to increase the likelihood of getting the best reviews.

App store optimization could be exactly the advantage that you need in order to get your app attention. App developers would be foolish not to utilize this in order to give their app the best chance possible.

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