In this day and age, running a successful business means that you need to take a proper care of its most important asset – staff. If your employees are unhappy, not only will they probably decide to set sails to a new business opportunity but their day-to-day output won’t be that good.

Your job as the company owner (or manager) is to boost the morale of your team. One of the best ways to show your employees you appreciate their efforts is to organize a company retreat. Unfortunately, many company managers believe that in today’s business climate something like that is a luxury they don’t need.

However, this can’t be further from the truth. Taking your team on a company retreat is guaranteed to benefit your whole business in a long run. Not convinced? Well, take a look at the following few reasons of why company retreats are great for staff morale!

Team Building

The main purpose of company retreats is building camaraderie among the employees. This is why many of them feature activities meant to strengthen the team spirit. The whole point of these exercises is to teach the staff to use their individual strengths to achieve access for the whole group.

Jane Applegate the author of the book called 201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business suggests that you should forget about your managerial role for the moment. Instead of being in charge of the team building activities, you’re advised to join the team.

By being their teammate rather than their boss, you will be able to make your employees start to think of you as one of their own. In turn, this is guaranteed to create a bond between you and your staff, not to mention that it can boost the morale of everyone in your company.

Improve Morale

Poor morale equals low productivity. If your employees don’t feel fired up and motivated, they won’t do their best for the company. Furthermore, if the morale is low in the office, some of them might decide to abandon ship. Why would they stay in an environment that’s making them feel depressed?

Luckily, solving this problem is easier than you might have imagined. Taking your staff to a company retreat will provide them with much-needed fun and excitement. They will get to explore new destinations, try out new luggage and clothes, try out new foods, and so on.

The result is that they will get in the right mood to take on future business challenges with a smile on their face.

Stress Relief

Speaking of low morale, I feel obliged to discuss the true source of it. Some employees might be dissatisfied with their role in the company or their current salary, others might have personal problems. However, in most cases, the culprit for the poor morale in the office is simply stress which the employees encounter on a day-to-day basis.

Surely, you can try to make their job a little bit less stressful. But, you can also make them more prone to stress. By taking them away from the environment they consider stressful, you will be able to get their mindset in place. After just a couple of days spent at a company retreat, they will be ready to tackle any issue, no matter how stressful it may appear.


I never said that it’s forbidden to do business at a company retreat. On the contrary, this seems like an ideal opportunity to get some new ideas from your employees. In a fun and relaxed atmosphere, they will not restrain themselves from sharing their thoughts with you.

Moreover, the fact is that having fun boosts creativity. So, even if they had no ideas in the office, they might experience a “eureka moment” at a company retreat. The same goes for you. If there’s an issue that’s been troubling lately, going on a trip might be exactly what you need to find the right answer.

Plain Fun

The final reason why company retreats are what your company needs is that these types of adventures can be super-fun. Furthermore, American author, Christopher Noxon, asserts in his book “Rejuvenile” that company retreats can do wonders for company’s staff retention.

Basically, by enabling your employees to have some fun, they will start associating their job with good things. In turn, some of them will never want to leave their job post, even if offered a better salary.

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