Why is customer service so important?

Its fairly easy to understand that as a business, providing good customer service is important. As the old adage goes the customer is always right and this is normally a very good adage to use as a business provider. If you keep your customers happy then not only will they continue to be your customer but they are also likely to refer you to their friends and family and generally speak well about your company.

It is fair to say that the more happy customers you have the better because they are ultimately what makes your business succeed, or fail.

It would also be fair to say that within the small business arena customer service is even more important – in small businesses your customers are quite often local or originating from a smaller area and thus having an unhappy customer can spread much faster. Take a local trades person for example, she may have lots of customers in her local town and if she had an unhappy customer among them they might tell their friends and their family and pretty soon there would likely be other customers who no longer wanted to use her services because of that one unhappy customer.

Technology makes the world a local marketplace

This is where great customer service suddenly becomes even more important – with the introduction of modern technology in to the equation big business is just like small business and as a business provider the entire world becomes your local marketplace. The positive side of this for every business is that you have a much larger audience and a much larger potential customer base because the Internet allows you to get your business in front of far more people with very little associated cost.

The big consideration you have to make here as a business though is that the Internet also means you have a much larger audience that can communicate with each other as if they were all living in the same town. So just like bad news can spread fast in a small town it can also spread fast on the Internet.

This is even more important with the advent of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook where consumers can discuss their good and bad experiences with companies in an open forum for everyone to see and as a business owner you have the opportunity to show either that you care, or that you don’t.

Companies like Trust Pilot are taking advantage of the Internet and providing a platform for consumers to review websites online for this very reason. So as a consumer if you visit trust Pilot you can check out any companies website prior to dealing with them and you can see what other people are saying about them.

For the consumer thats a pretty big thing – imagine if 10 years ago, before picking a local Plumber from the newspaper you could ask a thousand people from your area whether they have used that plumber, what their work was like and so on and then make a decision about whether to hire their services. That’s exactly what you can do now as a consumer, thanks to the power of the Internet. And it doesn’t stop with local trades, you can find out information from past customers on almost any company that you ever come across.

As a business this means that the way you treat each and every one of your customers could easily become public knowledge and if you have too many unhappy customers the entire world will know about it. For that reason it is more important than ever to keep your customers happy and to provide a great service to them. It might seem like a burden all of a sudden but is it really? If you strive to keep all of your customers happy then not only will you avoid any bad reviews from sites like Trust Pilot but you will also have happy customers, returning customers and lots and lots of referrals – so its a win win for you as a business owner as much as it is for the consumer.

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