Windows 7 Update Stuck

There is a common problem faced by users of Windows that results in Windows 7 update becoming stuck when checking for updates.
This happens most frequently on a fresh installation of Windows 7. Once the operating system has been installed, when you try to run Windows Update it will appear to take a very long time to look for updates. Many people have reported these Windows 7 update issues with some users suggesting that after several days of Windows 7 searching for updates it will eventually display the list of updates to be installed. Other users have complained that Windows 7 is stuck updating and will never display the list of updates.
Regardless of the cause of this issue it is very annoying when Windows 7 update gets stuck. It is annoying for home users with a single Windows 7 machine that needs updating but it is even more annoying for IT technicians and computer repair shops that have scores or even hundreds of machines with Windows 7 checking for updates.
Some people recommend running an offline WSUS update tool that will download and then install the updates manually but this tool often gets stuck as well.

How to prevent the windows 7 update stuck issue

The procedure outlined below has been proven to work in this scenario and we have personally tested it on over 10 machines after loading a fresh installation of Windows 7 SP1.
To follow this guide efficiently you should first download the following files:

File 1: April 2015 servicing stack update. Download Links | 64 bit | 32 bit.
File 2: Windows Update Client (July 2016). Download Links | 64 bit | 32 bit.

Step 1: Restart Windows update service

You can get to the services panel in Windows 7 by going into the start menu, double clicking on Control Panel and then double clicking on administrative tools. In the administrative tools folder oyu will find an icon titled services.
Double click on this icon and then look for the service named Windows Update. Right click on this service and click on restart.

restarting windows update service after Windows 7 update stuck

This step is very important because it prevents Windows 7 update getting stuck in the following steps.

Step 2: Install the April 2015 servicing stack update

Using the file that you downloaded at the beginning of this guide (File 1), install the April 2015 servicing stack update appropriate to your Windows architecture (32 bit or 64 bit).
If you run this update immediately after having restarted the Windows Update service then it should not display “checking for updates” (Where it would otherwise get stuck) but should move almost immediately to installing the update itself.

Step 3: Restart your computer

After installing this update, you should restart the computer.

Step 4: Restart Windows Update service again

Once the computer has restarted, go back into Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services and then once again find and restart the Windows Update service.

Step 5: Install Windows Update Client Update

Immediately after having restarted the Windows Update service run the Windows Update Client update that you downloaded earlier (File 2). Once again this update should install almost immediately rather than attempting to check for updates.

Step 6: Rerun Windows Update

After following steps 1 to 5 you can go back in to Control Panel, Windows Update and try searching once again for updates. This time Windows 7 update should not get stuck. It should only take between 15 and 30 minutes to check for updates after which time it should display the full list of updates available for Windows 7 – this will probably be several hundred updates.
So there you go, if you are ever facing the issue where Windows 7 update is stuck following a fresh installation you know exactly how to solve the problem.